About Us


Super Power Crane Machinery Sdn Bhd was established in 1994, we've been in the lifting industry with 20+ years of experience in providing lifting services and transport services to our clients. We have worked our way to establish a strong foothold in both the renting mobile crane and contract lifting in the capital state of Johor, Malaysia. Since 1990, Mr. Chang has a clear vision that lifting services could be in demand for the next decades and decide to start his journey as a partner/ crane driver with three other partners provide small lifting services in Johor Bahru City. Due to the steady expansion of business, Chang has managed to start his own journey with Super Power Crane Machinery company to continues to provide the same commitment, quality services to our clients. Over the years, Chang has successfully earned his business reputation and continues to expand different lifting inventory from one rough-terrain crane to a different range of all-terrain crane, sky lift, load loader C/W, excavator, breaker, and backhoe to meet our client needs.

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